Summer of startups: FACIL’iti

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10 August 2018

Frédéric Sudraud, CEO of FACIL’iti, tells Boris Plantier how the solution can benefit businesses and consumers alike.

FACIL’iti is an innovative digital accessibility solution that adapts the display of a website according to the user’s needs for visual, motor and/or cognitive comfort.

“The age of the internet has been a fabulous revolution of information and media at our disposal,” says Frédéric Sudraud, CEO of FACIL’iti. “From our phones, our laptops, we are able to access news, entertainment, as well as engage in all sorts of e-services from banking to healthcare. However, if you suffer from a disability, web pages are rarely accessible, or built for that portion of our population. FACIL’iti is dedicated to website owners who want to give access to a broader target audience. The stakes are thus of corporate social responsibility (CSR) and e-business, in particular for the e-commerce sites.”

Developing a solution that makes it easy to customize websites for a range of different user needs was a detailed project. “FACIL’iti is an innovative and seamless interface, unique in the world, instantly adapting the display of a website or intranet according to the visual, motor or cognitive comfort needs of more than 25% of internet users,” says Sudraud. “FACIL’iti required more than three years of R&D and user tests, to provide accessibility to 12 forms of disabilities on 22 functionalities. This solution provides customized navigation and does not require the rebuilding of existing websites. Some 200,000 disabled people and seniors use this tool on a daily basis on more sites equipped to date.”

Companies that ensure their websites are accessible to users with different needs will differentiate themselves from the competition – and Sudraud says everybody stands to benefit. “Setting up FACIL’iti improves CSR commitment and gives an inclusive image of the company, promoting diversity on recruitment-related websites for example,” says Sudraud. “But it is also a real challenge for the very near future for companies that have e-commerce websites. Will today’s customers remain tomorrow’s customers? Will elderly people still be able to browse the website or manage their banking operations online? While banks and insurance companies are looking for new customers, do they take care of their current clients, including those who are ageing and may not be able to remain autonomous on un-adapted and inaccessible websites?

“By offering this service to customers, companies can gain a real competitive advantage against sites that do not take these needs into account. This is a major factor facing the increasingly ageing population, the type of people who have significant purchasing power like seniors.

“Accessibility should benefit all internet users who are looking for a different comfort, including people with disabilities and seniors. This approach is a profitable investment for everyone.”

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