Summer of startups: BrandGuard

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09 August 2018

Chaim Bechor, vice president of product development at Israeli startup BrandGuard, tells Boris Plantier how the company helps brands to protect their product and build consumer trust.

BrandGuard was created with the aim of helping manufacturers safeguard products against counterfeiting. “The founders, the Koren family, saw that counterfeiting was heavily hitting certain industries such as alcoholic beverages, cosmetics and more,” says Chaim Bechor, vice president of product development at BrandGuard. “They noticed that a simple QR code, marking the identity of a product, is not effective due to the simple option of copying such ID by photocopying the code. They came up with the idea of analyzing the scanning of such codes in the cloud, along with time and location information. After patenting the idea, the company was established to implement the algorithm and a system providing the service, and in 2017 a product was launched.”

As well as helping to protect products, BrandGuard brings a wealth of capabilities throughout the product lifecycle. “Our solution enables manufacturers to serialize their products with QR codes, thereby gaining several abilities that are not possible with today’s barcode or one-dimensional QR code,” says Bechor. “It allows manufacturers to protect products against counterfeiting, provide proof of the manufacturing date to consumers, track warranty validity and track returns. All these product lifecycle capabilities can be implemented, or just part of the set, depending on needs.

“The service is extended with a range of product information and marketing apps (from both BrandGuard and its partners) that accompany the scanning operation, thereby making the scanning not just a source for trust but also a marketing tool.”

With new capabilities on the way, Bechor says that BrandGuard has the potential to increase smart shopping in the future. “Our next generation solution is introducing the industry’s first cooperative coding and tracking system,” says Bechor. “Manufacturers can offer retailers access to the scanning app, which they can use to implement marketing campaigns while they supply the basic product information and proof of the originality and manufacturing date of the product. We believe that the system will create motivation to promote the scanning operation and make mobile-based smart shopping in stores and online popular and widespread.”

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