Summer of startups: Neuroprofiler

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08 August 2018

Tiphaine Saltini, CEO of French fintech Neuroprofiler, shares the inspiration behind the game that gives financial advisors deep insight into their clients’ investor profiles.

Neuroprofiler is a behavioral finance game to help financial advisors assess the investor profile of their clients. The fintech was born from an idea by Neuroprofiler’s CEO Tiphaine Saltini, who worked with co-founder Julien Revelle to bring it to life.

“I have been passionate about behavioral economics since high school,” says Saltini. “I graduated both in cognitive science (ENS Ulm/Harvard University) and management (HEC Paris) before completing a PhD in behavioral finance. Working as a consultant for different financial institutions, I realized that behavioral finance could help financial advisors better understand the needs of their clients and deliver better services.

“Later, my co-founder Julien Revelle joined me with a strong background in machine learning and quantitative finance. He is ranked among the 20 best Machine Learning experts in France. We developed in Europe (Switzerland, France, UK, Belgium) working with large financial institutions and independent financial advisors.”

Saltini says that Neuroprofiler improves MiFID II compliance and client segmentation. “We have developed a digital and gamified questionnaire that is based on four years’ research in machine learning and behavioral finance,” says Saltini. “Our questionnaire is anonymous, highly flexible and customizable, and can be sent to the client by email or be taken on the device of the financial advisor. The profile analysis is immediate and provides rich insight into the investor personality of the client. Indeed, our algorithm is based on the works of major recipients of the Nobel Prize in Economics for their research in behavioral finance: Daniel Kahneman and Richard Thaler.”

The insights hold multiple potential benefits for financial advisors. “Advisors are provided with an in-depth analysis of their client’s investor personality and tips to better serve them,” explains Saltini. “They also get tailor-made financial recommendations which take into account the client’s cognitive biases and preferences. Our tool is thus not only a MiFID II compliant tool but also a powerful marketing tool to increase client retention and acquisition.”

Neuroprofiler’s team has a lot of activity planned for the coming months. “We will be at the Patrimonia fair in September 2018, for which we have planned a massive surprise!” says Saltini. “We will also attend major Fintech events in Paris, London, Switzerland and the rest of Europe. We are also currently raising funds in order to hire new talents in the team.”

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