Summer of startups: ICARE Technologies

Georges Bote, business developer – luxury department at ICARE Technologies, tells Boris Plantier how the company aims to make life simple, secure and stress-free.

Summer of startups: ICARE Technologies

ICARE Technologies aims to free users of constraints associated with keys, credit cards, batteries and more through its new smart ring, Aeklys.

“ICARE Technologies was created in April 2016 by Jérémy Neyrou and Fabien Raiola, but the idea came six years ago when Jeremy lost his car keys at the beach in Corsica,” says Georges Bote, business developer – luxury department at ICARE Technologies. “The peculiarity of this beach was that there were no networks at all, so he had to walk for miles under the summer sun to get back to the city. He had the idea of creating a device that he would always have on him, replacing his set of keys and means of payment. That’s how Aeklys, the smart ring, was born.”

Coupled with a phone app, 28 uses can be imported directly into the Aeklys ring, including credit cards, keys, boarding passes, train tickets and many others. “Our solution is presented under a ring form factor, which is much more intuitive to use,” says Bote. “With Aeklys, users will be able to enter their home, have access to their office, unlock and start their car and even pay for goods and services, in a fully secured way, simply by waving their hand.”

Protected by 18 patents, the Aeklys smart ring has three major features. “The first key point is its owner recognition,” says Bote. “If the ring is taken off, it self-deactivates and recognizes only its official owner. This means that in the event of theft or loss, it becomes totally useless.

“Its second important feature is wave emission control. With a specific gesture, we allow the ring to emit only when the user wants it to. This avoids any hack being possible, despite the user’s credit card having continuous contactless payment capability.

“The third major attribute is that the ring is fully autonomous, so there is no need to charge it every night.”

ICARE Technologies is currently busy preparing the Aeklys smart ring for launch. “We are preparing our second round of table willing to get €10-15 million,” says Bote. “We also have an artistic director coming in September; we can’t reveal his name yet, but it will be huge! Our go-to-market is set for the first trimester of 2019, so stay tuned.”

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