Summer of startups: Goodeed

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06 August 2018

Lydie Herduin, good communication and partnership manager at Goodeed, tells Boris Plantier how the company democratizes giving on the internet by allowing everyone to make donations for free.

Founded by Vincent Touboul Flachaire, Goodeed is aimed at democratizing the gift on the internet by making it simple, fast, transparent and free.

“Vincent had the idea of the concept after reading a book about microcredit by Muhammad Yunus,” says Lydie Herduin, good communication and partnership manager at Goodeed. “In parallel to that, he thought that advertising generated a lot of money every year and that many services were now used freely on the internet by watching ads. This is how the concept of Goodeed was born: finance solidarity projects for free by watching ads.”

Goodeed is a platform, website and mobile application that enables users to donate to humanitarian projects without spending money, just by looking at short advertisements. “We are turning advertising budgets into humanitarian budgets for non-governmental organizations (NGOs),” says Herduin. “Today, we have 260,000 users and we’ve funded more than 110 projects for more than 70 NGOs with the ads of more than 85 brands engaged.”

Looking ahead, Herduin says the company is looking beyond its own platform. “In the future, we will develop a widget system that will allow everyone to donate outside our platform. Imagine, you are reading an article on deforestation and you can directly donate by watching an ad displayed on the article. In the longer term, we wish to become the platform of generosity for all and by all.”

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