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03 August 2018

Shawn Ward, CEO of Geezeo, tells Boris Plantier how the company is helping banks and credit unions deliver rich, engaging financial experiences.

Based in the US, Geezeo has evolved from a white label personal financial management (PFM) provider to a key fintech partner of financial institutions, core processors and complementary digital banking solutions.

“The name Geezeo is a play off the term ‘Gs’: for example, how many Gs do I need to pay off my car loan?” explains Shawn Ward, CEO of Geezeo. “Since 2007 our goal has been to support the financial needs of our consumers to assure they are empowered to make good financial decisions. In late 2008 we came to realize this was a growing need for banks and credit unions as well, so we pivoted from a consumer direct model to one that is integrated into financial institutions’ digital ecosystems.”

Enabling institutions to engage with their clients is key. “Geezeo’s primary focus is to provide technologies and features that enable its clients and their partners to engage their customers and target audiences,” says Ward. “We enable this through powerful data enrichment tools as well as engaging, proprietary mobile banking enhancements with features consumers want that also support market differentiation for our bank and credit union clients. All our solutions are created with the end user in mind, focusing on empowering people to make wise financial decisions.”

That means helping companies create value from their data. “Cleaning data is not enough,” says Ward. “By processing, enriching and storing millions of transactions, Geezeo now occupies a key role with our clients as a critical data partner. Our API, Responsive Tiles and digital marketing platform are must-have solutions to create custom, differentiated digital banking experiences that translate into greater revenue opportunities and increased customer engagement. At the same time, Geezeo’s proven insights enhance the overall customer experience.”

Geezeo’s Responsive Tile library enables financial institutions to invent and maintain customized financial management features within existing online banking and mobile channels. “Geezeo’s vision is to present the right tool at the right time and convert engagement into a new opportunity for clients,” says Ward. “Responsive Tiles do just that, presenting visually stimulating experiences and financial insights, just about anywhere in the digital banking ecosystem.”

The Geezeo API library gives the company the flexibility to integrate within most financial institutions’ online and mobile banking environments. “We can integrate seamlessly and invisibly, allowing the host financial institution to own their PFM brand’s look and feel,” says Ward. “This translates to a richer experience and the financial institution gaining data that can be fully leveraged to enrich the customer experience.”

Enriched data gives financial institutions a better understanding of customers’ needs, Ward explains, which allows marketing teams to offer customers exactly what they want when they want it. “Geezeo clients benefit from an incorporated marketing platform that lets them use enriched data to present relevant content and products to their customers,” he says. “Geezeo transforms unmanageable volumes of data into actionable, individualized opportunities to enhance each customer experience.”

As mobile banking technology continues to evolve, a convenient and customizable solution is important to financial institutions. “The Geezeo integrated mobile digital financial management solution offers financial institutions the convenience of managing their accounts anytime and anywhere, with robust PFM features,” says Ward. “Geezeo provides a feature-rich solution that mirrors the online experience and is designed to meet the needs of the fastest growing segment of digital banking users. Furthermore, it is completely customizable.”

Ward says that Geezeo’s API assures PFM feature delivery to any channel and any devices, including mobile, tablet, ATM and more. “It provides the building blocks needed to create an effective and unique, enriched experience,” he says. “All Geezeo products offer a set of tools enabling banks to utilize data to make more informed decisions. In most cases, reports are customizable allowing executives to track the information that is most critical. Geezeo’s rich data analytics help maximize the value of available customer data by combining transactional and behavioral data. This leads to higher customer satisfaction since the banking experience for clients will be more customized and relevant than it was previously.”

Looking ahead, Ward says the company continues to develop its solutions to enable tomorrow’s financial services institutions. “We are committed to helping financial services partners grow core business beyond the traditional branch environment and into the digital world,” says Ward. “We are rolling out new ways to enrich the financial services experience by enhancing our API and our Responsive Tiles suite, which leverage data to ensure maximum relevance to the customer. We are digging deeper into the Internet of Things, artificial intelligence and machine learning – all of which we embrace strategically and have incorporated into our product roadmap this year and beyond.”

Smaller businesses can also look forward to solutions designed to meet their needs. “Because small business represents a critical market for financial institutions, we have begun developing business products that help small and midsize businesses better manage cash flow, allowing them to do more in less time,” says Ward. “By building a foundation off our current technology stack, and leveraging architectural efficiencies, we will have a compelling solution available in 2019. An early prototype already drives a compelling product for the $130 billion Regions Bank.”

Alongside these developments, the company is expanding its ecosystem to ensure it continues to meet the evolving needs of financial institutions. “Geezeo is also growing its partnerships and looking at new integrations with a variety of domestic and global core technology and digital banking providers,” says Ward.

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