Summer of startups: ShareGroop

Franck Burguière, CEO at ShareGroop, tells Boris Plantier how the company provides simple group purchasing solutions.

Summer of startups: ShareGroop

ShareGroop was established in 2015 when a group of five friends wanted to attend the Rugby World Cup finals in England. “Transportation and tickets for the match were quite expensive, and nobody wanted to advance the money for everyone,” says Franck Burguière, CEO at ShareGroop. “The time we took to collect the amount was too long, and by then the tickets were no longer available. From that failure we created ShareGroop, to allow web-buyers to pay online together.”

ShareGroop is the first group purchase solution directly integrated with e-commerce websites, Burguière explains. “Our solution allows users not to advance money anymore when they make an online group purchase,” she says. “The initiator of a group purchase books the products or services for their group on an e-commerce website. On the payment page they choose ShareGroop to split the bill. We then generate a payment link that will be shared to the group members on messenger apps. Each member has up to six days to pay their share.”

The company provides technical documentation to integrate the solution on its partners’ payment pages through its API. “Our partners benefit from several advantages,” says Burguière. “They collect each co-buyer’s data instead of only the initiator’s. They increase their loyalty by improving the group purchase user experience. And they can increase their revenues thanks to up-sales pushed to the co-buyers.”

Building on its success, the company has acquisitions, strategic partnerships and products in the pipeline. “ShareGroop targets markets where group purchase is meaningful, such as travel and event markets,” says Burguière. “We are currently contracting with new airlines (after Air France and HOP!) and with the French trainline leader, OUI SNCF. ShareGroop will be available on these websites from the second semester of 2018.”

Strategic partnerships are an important part of the company’s future. “We are contracting with a big French bank to distribute ShareGroop to their e-commerce clients,” says Burguière. “The complementarity of our partners’ activities, operating in transport, hosting, entertainment and retail, will allow us to build cross-selling offers.”

New product developments are set to enable greater scalability too. “From a technical point of view, we are building an API-centric solution, based on micro-services, to improve the potential of scalability of the product,” says Burguière. “It will be ready to integrate from July 2018.”

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