PayKey named as Best FinTech 2018 at World FinTech Talks

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18 May 2018

PayKey has been named as the winner of the Efma-Capgemini Best FinTech Award 2018 at the World FinTech Talks session, which was held on 17 May 2018 at Efma’s CCX Forum in London, UK.

Organized in association with Capgemini, the World FinTech Talks session saw six FinTechs take to the stage to showcase their solutions during three-minute pitches in order to be crowned Best FinTech 2018. The winner was chosen via an interactive vote.

(Israel), was chosen for its social banking and mobile peer-to-peer payment solution that can be integrated with banks' mobile applications.

Other FinTechs who presented their solutions included:

· Exagens (Canada), which has created Max, a conversational agent that uses advanced artificial intelligence, behavioral analytics and machine learning technologies to provide customers with personalized financial advice, support and guidance.

· Neuroprofiler (France), a behavioral finance game that helps financial advisors assess the risk profile of their clients for business and regulatory purposes.

· InCube (Switzerland), a consulting and technology company that provides banks, insurers and investment firms with business consulting, quantitative finance, data and predictive analytics, machine learning and software engineering.

· Budget Insight (France), an account information service that allows its clients to connect their financial applications to users’ banks and also provides a personal finance management app for banks and insurance companies.

· ICARE Technologies (France), which has created a secure contactless personal identification system that comprises a wearable ring with embedded near-field communications technology that is managed via a smartphone app.

Efma and Capgemini also officially launched their new global FinTechVisor portal during the World FinTech Talks session.

The FinTechVisor portal was designed to foster collaboration between FinTechs and established financial institutions, encouraging them to can work together to drive the future of retail banking and insurance.

FinTechs can showcase their products, solutions and services to hundreds of bankers and insurers worldwide, allowing them to create leads and collaborate easily via the ‘match-making’ feature. Meanwhile, financial institutions can use the FinTechVisor portal to keep track of the latest FinTech trends and new opportunities for innovation. In addition, banks and insurance companies can use the multi-criteria search function to find the ideal solutions or FinTech partner who has the expertise and/or solution that will help them with their digital transformation projects.

Financial institutions are also able to rate and comment on FinTech solutions, and use an instant messaging function to initiate a conversation with potential FinTech partners.

FinTechs are encouraged to continue to submit their solutions to the FinTechVisor portal, which is open for applications for the 2019 Contest.

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