How will new innovations in blockchain technology transform the industry?

Efma feature

16 May 2018

Julio Manuel Faura Enriquez, Santander’s head of R&D, will address all of this and more at Efma’s upcoming Payments & Wallets Innovation Summit.

Julio Manuel Faura Enriquez, head of R&D for Santander’s Innovation division, will speak at Efma’s upcoming Payments & Wallets Innovation Summit which will be held in Lisbon from 15-16 October 2018.

Enriquez’s presentation will focus on practical experiences of using ERC20-like tokens over a smart contract-enabled Ethereum (quorum) blockchain network to implement real, digital (tokenized) money regulated as electronic or bank money.

“Besides simple uses for payment, we will show how digital money can be used to implement instant, end-to-end international payments for retail and corporate users, and to build a complete, global, multi-entity liquidity management network based on tokenized nostro accounts which can bring a dramatic reduction in liquidity needs and costs globally,” Enriquez says.

Enriquez will share his many years of knowledge gained executing major innovation projects globally, leading new business incubation and venture creation efforts, and contributing to Santander's M&A and Venture Capital activity in Fintech.

In his current role, Enriquez leads Santander's activities around blockchain, distributed ledgers and smart contracts, and has founded Santander's crypto Lab, a collaborative space to bring blockchain technology to the market both applying it within Santander Group as well as in partnership with other leading banks and specialized technology players. He is the chairman of the Enterprise Ethereum Alliance, the chairman of Spain’s Alastria network, a member of the board of the Wall Street Blockchain Alliance, and a senior advisor of the Global Payments Steering Group.

Julio’s career started out as chip designer, focusing on high performance analog (full custom) and digital systems-on-chip as well as complex chip design platforms that led to more than 30 publications in international refereed forums. He then worked for McKinsey & Co, where he specialized in Banking serving many of the top financial institutions in Spain, Europe and LatAm. In 2007 he joined Santander, where he has played corporate leadership roles in Investment Banking, Consumer Finance, and IT & Operations, and has participated in many of Santander’s acquisition processes during the last years.

Julio is a Telecommunication Engineer (UPM-Spain), has a PhD in Computer Science (UAM-Spain), and a MsC in Management of Technology (MIT-Sloan). He is also a part-time enterpreneur working on capital markets technology startups, and an advisor to several blockchain-related startups.

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Keywords : Fintech , Digital payments/Wallet , Blockchain , Innovation

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