Innovation of the Month: Bradesco’s Field Control solution

Innovation of the month

12 April 2018

Efma Accenture’s banking Innovation of the Month award for April goes to Bradesco for its outsourced service management platform Field Control.

Introduced to Bradesco through the third edition of its inovaBra startup program, Field Control is an outsourced service management platform that automates part of the online interaction between service providers and Bradesco’s branches and departments, delivering information about real-time services and reports per type of service, company or region.

The tool was created to help Bradesco’s asset department, which receives, answers and manages nearly 7,000 maintenance calls per month. With the Field Control tool, branches and departments who require services receive a link to access the location, technician data and expected arrival time of a technician to the site.

After the service is delivered, branch staff are able to make an online evaluation, providing feedback on any delays and status of service completion.

The project took five months from concept to delivery, and cost Bradesco nearly US$150,000.

Initial testing has been very positive. The number of calls made and received has reduced significantly and the scheduling of servicing has become much more efficient. The time taken to resolve issues has dropped from five to two days and the ability to meet deadlines has increased from 17% to 90%. Overall the bank expects a cost saving of up to US$2 million per year.

The Field Control solution will be automatically selected as a nominee for the 2018 Efma-Accenture Distribution & Marketing Innovation Awards. Submit your innovations on the Efma Accenture Distribution & Marketing Innovation portal. Participation is free of charge and open to all banking institutions. Deadline for May Innovation of the Month is 7 May (Innovation of the Month is reserved for Efma members).

Keywords : Fintech , Operations/New processes , Branch

Geography : Brazil