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12 June 2018

Innovation is TBC Bank Group’s DNA. The group is the UK-incorporated parent company of JSC TBC Bank and its subsidiaries, which is the biggest bank in Georgia, and it aims to be the best digital financial services company in the region.

The bank’s long-term focus on alternative channels resulted in 88% of all retail transactions being carried out remotely in 2017, with only 12% conducted in branches.

TBC Bank continues to differentiate itself through its user-friendly interface and the quality of its internet and mobile banking products, and it prides itself on the culture of innovation it has developed.

“At TBC Bank back in 2011 we realized that the future is in digital technologies,” says Vazha Beriashvili, retail banking deputy director of TBC Bank. “So we decided to rebuild all our digital channels and to differentiate ourselves not only through high-quality service at our branches, but also through great customer experience online. For the past seven years, digital services has been our constant focus. We are trying to not only build great omni-channel experiences, but to also invest heavily in customer education and engagement. Our employees are proud of TBC’s digital products and this makes it easier for them to educate customers to use these innovative products and channels. We strongly believe that the future of banking is digital and the only way for us to be successful is to lead the digital transformation of the financial sector in Georgia.”

Here is our pick of the products and services that illustrate TBC Bank’s innovative spirit.

Ti Bot: a friendly robot for financial advice

With Ti Bot, the first Georgian-speaking bot in the country on the Messenger platform, TBC Bank put itself in the space where its customers love to be, so it could communicate with them in the way they want.

Facebook is the most popular social network in Georgia and Messenger is the most popular chat application. Ti Bot enables the bank to provide customers with financial information and transnational capabilities through the platform, using interactive chat.

Ti Bot’s skills include answering personal questions, making p2p transactions and balance inquiries,  providing information about exchange rates, branch locations and opening hours and the nearest ATMs, and providing consultations, initial calculations and offers for loans before registering the client’s interest with the call center. And it also has non-banking skills like whether forecast and buying tickets online directly in messenger platform.

As there was no Georgian-speaking bot on the market before Ti Bot was launched, this disruptive innovation was the first to demonstrate the value of a chatbot to businesses and customers. As well as having the potential to change the way customers communicate with the bank, the bot is also a great marketing tool. (Read the full case study on the Efma Accenture's Innovation portal

The Branch of the Future

TBC Bank decided to update its overall branch concept after its merger with Constanta & then with bank Republic enlarged its network to 150 branches and 2.2 million customers. The new strategic design concept reflects the bank’s welcoming, user-friendly and transparent approach to banking. A new, customer-centric layout is designed to minimize physical and psychological barriers between the bank and its customers, while the redesigned branches leverage its strength in multichannel banking with cutting-edge e-banking tools and technology.

TBC Bank’s main objective was to develop a ‘model’ branch of the future that integrates technology, alternative channels and merchandising to create a customer-oriented environment that results in increased sales revenues and customer satisfaction.

After launching the updated branch concept, TBC Bank’s customer satisfaction had increased significantly. (Read the full case study on the Efma Accenture's Innovation portal

Universal Sales Agents: a unique sales platform

Launched in 2014, Universal Sales Agents (USA) provides micro-business and agro-credit customers with a unique opportunity to get service on the spot, without visiting a branch. Previously, underbanked customers in remote areas and small business owners faced a long process that could take five to seven days.

USA enables scoring and loan approval on site in 15 minutes, with agents visiting the customer and using a portable device to gather and transfer data, get an automatic estimate, receive approval and disburse the loan on the spot.

Qualitative research showed an increase in client satisfaction rates due to the simpler processes and time saving. TBC Bank’s internal reporting showed an 80% increase in the number of new clients, as sales agents with tablets achieved twice the number of monthly sales compared to branch-based employees. At the same time, the costs per sales agent with a tablet were half of those associated with branch staff. (Read the full case study on the Efma Accenture's Innovation portal)  

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