How KBank is adapting to change

In an exclusive interview at Efma’s recent Retail Banking Summit in Singapore, Supaneewan Chutrakul, senior vice president for the Retail Business division at KBank, outlines the exciting trends she sees emerging in the years to come.

How KBank is adapting to change

According to Chutrakul, today’s retail banking customers don’t really want to think about banking. They want to simply get on with their lives, without being hassled about their finances. With this in mind, she said KBank is focused on simply being there in the background, providing the infrastructure that supports customers throughout key life transitions.

“We will become part of customer lives every day in every way, every where – and for every one,” she said.

The SME market is a key area of focus for KBank, which is working alongside fintechs to develop solutions that provide the utmost convenience. “There are different types of SMEs, from the very simplistic – who just want to find their own markets, to the more sophisticated who want to make their business more efficient, less costly and more convenient,” Chutrakul said. “We are engaging with our partners – sometimes they are fintechs, sometimes they are technology providers – to make solutions that make it easier for SMEs to do their business, without the worry of finances.”

Looking ahead, Chutrakul said KBank is preparing for the future by investing in data. “Data is very important,” she said. “We have a lot of data and more equipment to use the data to make it more effective.

“So that’s part of what we are very focused on… how to use data, understand customers wants and needs and find new markets for SMEs by matching them with the needs of retail customers. This will be the future of our business.”

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