Isbank and push the limits of AI

A growing number of start-ups are providing artificial intelligence (AI) enabled chatbots for different aspects of business. In the past year San Francisco-based has emerged as a start-up to watch, and in 2018 the company aims to push the limits of AI in terms of its product’s content interpretation.

Isbank and push the limits of AI created its own technology in 2017 and partnered with blue-chip technology platforms in the global market. The company focuses on developing solutions that help global brands operating in financial services, health, e-commerce and customer services sectors to enhance customer experience via AI-based chatbots. In 2017 the company partnered with Isbank, the largest private bank in Turkey, to create the text-enabled, AI-powered Ask Isbank chatbot – the first AI-based chatbot in the sector. It also worked with Amazon to develop its AI-based skincare bot.’s product, designed to answer the questions asked by Isbank’s customers, serves on Isbank’s web page and on Facebook Messenger. Isbank’s customers can receive 24/7, real-time answers to their everyday questions concerning financial issues as well as non-financial questions such as road conditions and weather forecasts. The system is integrated into Isbank’s website and has been put into the hands of more than 14 million customers and countless prospects. It uses web-crawling abilities to provide broad coverage for users, including loan and deposit interest calculation, yield calculations for various investment products within a specific time interval, campaign and offer search, IBAN conversion, multi-language greetings, and ATM and branch locations.

Ask Isbank, built with semantic understanding and natural language processing (NLP) technology, uses AI to anticipate the whole range of natural language text messages and provides a natural interface for web visitors. The chatbot recognizes 1,700 different intents and goes through a continuous training process, leveraging NLP to understand the nuances of Turkish, the intent and the context as conversations accumulate.

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