How banks in Latin America are transforming with digital

Efma feature

14 September 2017

A new Efma report showcases the strategies and initiatives taken by financial leaders across Latin America.

Efma has released its 'Retail Banking in Latin America' report, looking at why and how digital transformation is taking centre stage for the region’s banks.

The report takes an in-depth look at key challenges and opportunities facing banks in the region, as growth in smartphone and internet use enables them to extend their services to more consumers. It explores how banks are taking advantage of digital technology and instilling a spirit of innovation across their organisations as they prepare for the future.

More than 20 of the region’s pioneering retail banking leaders have contributed to the report. Through interviews and thought leadership, they explain what drives their decision-making and describe how new digital strategies are enabling innovative initiatives for business growth. Inspiring case studies provide insight on some of the best initiatives across the region including developments around mobile payments and wallets, digital banking services, the increasing role of fintechs, and much more.

“Digital transformation is beginning to make its mark on banks across Latin America,” says Vincent Bastid, CEO of Efma. “Smartphone and internet use rates continue to grow; consumers are increasingly digitally savvy; and yet large proportions of the population still don’t have access to basic financial services – it’s a time of great opportunity for the industry and banks are embracing digital to broaden their reach and serve those that they haven’t been able to previously.”

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Keywords : Bank Products & Services , Digital/Mobile channels

Geography : Latin America