Building the best branch experience

Aylin Alpustun from TEB Turkey shares her tips for banks that want to improve the customer experience in their physical branches.

Building the best branch experience

TEB Turkey’s branch planning senior manager Aylin Alpustun argues that there are three key factors that modern customers expect when they visit a physical bank branch: knowledgeable staff, efficient processes and a good location.

“From the staff, they would expect sincerity, knowledge, trust and reliability,” Alpustun said during an interview at Efma’s Distribution Summit in London this April. “They would also expect agile and lean processes so that they are served in an efficient and quick manner with no mistakes. And of course, they would want to be served in a well-maintained location.”  

Having trained staff who can help customers is crucial when it comes to increasing in-branch sales.

“Uninformed staff look utterly helpless in front of customers, but once you train and educate them, you need to remove all barriers between them and the customer so they can create the ‘wow’ experience,” Alpuston explained. “You don’t want to bind their hands so they can’t serve in a seamless manner.”

TEB Turkey has established four main criteria to ensure it offers the best possible customer service experience.

“First and foremost, you have to measure it [customer experience], so we use our MPS tool, which we monitor and track religiously,” said Alpustun. “Then you need to provide a supportive environment for your staff by training them, and at the same time, recognising and rewarding them publicly for all the unique experiences they create. What we have done is embedded the MPS scores in the score cards of everybody at the bank so that 10% of variable compensation comes from employees’ MPS score. Top management involvement is also critical because sometimes you have to make strict decisions.”

Alpuston also believes that big data plays an integral role in improving the in-branch customer experience.

“I don’t think we can take the branch apart from all of the other channels because most of our customers interact with us through many channels and when they go into a branch, it’s more likely that they are in the midst of a multi--event, multichannel journey,” she said, adding that this journey could last anywhere from hours to months. “You need the big data to go into all of that, analyse it and act on it. What I think is crucial is that you need excellent data scientists and excellent marketing people to act on and create innovation from that big data.” 

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