Innovation of the month: Leumi Card steps up security with behavioural biometrics

Innovation of the month

19 April 2017

Efma’s innovation of the month award for April goes to Leumi Card for its mobile security solution using SecuredTouch technology, which analyses customers’ physical interactions with their mobile devices.

SecuredTouch is a mobile security product implemented by Leumi Card, one of the leading credit card companies, subsidiary of Bank Leumi in Israel. It uses behavioural biometrics to add an advanced layer of security to customers using the Leumi Card app, eliminating the need for complex passwords.

SecuredTouch technology allows user identification based on a unique personal usage profile within the mobile device, including such attributes as finger size, touch pressure, touch surface, typing patterns and more. By verifying the profile, Leumi Card is able to identify, in real time, whether the card owner is the one operating the app. On the spot analysis delivers a trust score from 0 to 1,000, where 0 is certain the profile does not belong to the user and 1,000 is certain the profile does belong to the user. The result is a completely frictionless authentication process.

Leumi Card introduced the technology last year to address three key areas: to comply with regulatory requirements for second-factor authentication for high-risk transactions; to optimise the mobile user experience and make it easier, but more secure, to access its app; and to improve risk management as a whole.

Leumi Card can set thresholds for access, denial or step-up authentication, while SecuredTouch never sees the exact name or any other personal details of the cardholder.

The successful rollout of the technology follows a comprehensive experimental and testing phase.
During the pilot, SecuredTouch was embedded in the initial login stage of the Leumi Card app. The pilot revealed over 90% accuracy after only eight gestures were captured in the app\login process.

Today, the identity verification technology continuously monitors all in-app activity, as well as the initial login stage. It does not require any prior registration.

“This is an international breakthrough that enhances user experience while solving the known problem of poor conversion in financial apps, due to the need for complex passwords,” said Ohad Maimon, executive vice president of business development and strategy at Leumi Card. “Integrating the technology in Leumi Card's mobile app is aligned with regulators’ directives for digital banking communications that require two factors of authentication.”

Since launching the technology, Leumi Card has seen impressive results. SecuredTouch is able to detect over 99% of non-human attacks, and more than 90% of accounts with compromised credentials. Around 70% of mobile app sessions now involve password free authentication and the bank is working towards using the solution for 80% of all transactions.

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Keywords : Biometrics , Cybersecurity/Authentication

Geography : Israel