UniCredit: Innovative services for SMEs

Efma feature

01 September 2016

Giuseppe Calegari, head of data monetisation at UniCredit, is one of the key industry players who will be sharing their insights at the Efma Sales and Marketing Summit in November. He told us about the challenges facing banks as they work to meet the needs of SMEs, and how UniCredit is successfully addressing them.

Calegari says that banks face three major challenges in terms of meeting SMEs’ needs. “Banks face the challenge of understanding common needs among different industries,” he says. “In addition, banks need to be able to push SMEs towards digital transformation, as resistance to innovation is often an obstacle. They need to meet SMEs’ needs by looking towards what they should be tomorrow, after digital transformation, rather than what they are today.”

UniCredit is meeting these challenges in a number of ways. “We have continuous interaction with our customers in order to better understand their needs and their feedback about our new services,” says Calegari. “We work to co-create new services through focus groups and pilot phases, and we organise open days at a national level to evangelise about our new services.”

At the Sales and Marketing Summit, Calegari will share details of two new innovative services designed by UniCredit for its small business customers. “I will be focusing on two innovative services: My Business View, which was ranked second in the Big Data and Analytics category at the Efma Innovation Awards 2015; and My Business Manager, a version of Personal Finance Management for SMEs which has won domestic awards,” says Calegari. “The session will include a comparison of distribution models (My Business View is totally physical, while My Business Manager is e-commerce), with insight into selling processes and results. I will discuss the percentage adoption among UniCredit’s customers, including critical issues, actions taken by UniCredit to face those issues, and the results of those actions. I will also be sharing insights on the lessons learned about digital transformation within both UniCredit and our customers.”

Calegari believes that digital transformation is of critical importance for banks and their customers. “Digital transformation is the only way to effectively meet customers’ needs and face competition, both for banks and their customers (they both have to pursue digital transformation together), if we consider the current pace of change,” says Calegari. “Digital transformation means delivering better services in half the time we were used to. This can be achieved by rebuilding the organisation and processes around the assets of the bank, using technology as an enabler.”

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Keywords : Operations/New processes , Digital/Mobile channels , Big data , SME/Corporate

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