Banca Mediolanum: Transforming the insurance industry 13 December 2016

Ahead of his presentation at Efma’s upcoming Insurance Summit, Demetrio Migliorati, who looks after innovation at Banca Mediolanum, explains what his company is working on at the moment and how he believes the industry will evolve in the years to come.

What will be the main focus of your presentation at Efma’s upcoming Insurance Summit?

Insurance companies have a huge opportunity to change the customer’s perception of the whole industry. They need to change the mood from “I get contacted only when I have a problem or when I have to pay for something” to “I get contacted and it helps to improve my lifestyle”. New technologies including wearables, the internet of things (IoT) and car black boxes are dramatically changing the shape of an old style industry to a modern, social and innovative partner. Many examples are already in existence, highlighting a successful route for others to follow.

What are the key innovations that your company is working on at the moment?

We are experimenting with artificial intelligence (AI) as an efficient cognitive extension for customer care agents and blockchain as an enabler of new businesses and cost effective solutions.

Tell us about your marketing strategies

Mediolanum’s innovation department is focused on improving the key factors which make Mediolanum Group so successful. This includes the high-tech and high-touch approach to the customer relationship, the fantastic job of our financial advisors and the effectiveness and efficiency of our channels. The result is a unique blend of flawless customer experiences.

What do you believe the insurer of the future will look like?

A partnership with customers will be fundamental to the success of insurers, backed up by many solutions supporting the modern lifestyle. Policies will evolve to become dedicated to specific life-moments and extremely customised. We’ll also see new developments in risk management and an expanded ecosystem of partners and services.

Meet Demetrio Migliorati. Secure your place at the Insurance Summit in London on 27-28 April 2017.

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