Insurance Trend #7: New ways of working 25 March 2021

Insurance organizations need to bring their workforces with them on the digital journey if they are to successfully transform their businesses. The leaders are ensuring that everyone in the workforce is empowered with a new, constantly growing set of capabilities made possible through technology.
Through mobility, automation, AI, extended reality and more, insurance can elevate the workforce to heightened levels of performance, efficiency and effectiveness. Here are some examples of insurance companies building a next-generation workforce ready for a new way  of working in a digital age.

Nippon Life (Japan)

To enhance the skills of its 50,000 sales representatives, Nippon Life has digitalized daily role-playing exercises at its sales office, and introduced AI evaluation and recommendation, enabling self-education. This has resulted in a 20 percent increase in sales activity.

Alleanza (Italy)

The Alleanza Network comprises 400 agencies, 1,200 points of sale and 15,000 consultants who traditionally consulted at the customer’s home. The company’s MYA platform is based on three basic ideas: mobility, multichannel and simplicity. It combines all the digital tools created for the network, for all phases of prospect and customer engagement, from sales to aftersales. Video sales features will be integrated soon. Using the relationship platform, Profilo&Dialogo, a consultant can identify the real needs of the customer and issue policies digitally with electronic signatures and payments.

Allianz (France)

Allianz created a virtual reality training experience based on a real process (a restaurant risk visit). It uses a real actor (not an avatar) to interact directly with a virtual person (the chef) and takes the employee through the process in every room of the restaurant. Designed for fun and immersion, the experience amplifies the training with a podcast and e-learning modules that explain how to complete the client file and the risk evaluation after the visit.

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