Fintech Friday: Willa – helping freelancers 24 July 2020

Kristofer Sommestad, CEO and co-founder of Willa, told Efma’s Boris Plantier how his company is leveling the playing field for freelancers in the U.S.

What led to the creation of Willa?

The idea for Willa was born when we realized that the payment process between freelancers and brands is completely broken. It’s built for the old world, by people of the old world. Both freelancers and corporations are suffering a lot from this. At least half of freelancers experience problems getting paid, while a third of payments are late.

Our team has worked with 10k+ creative freelancers and influencers the past few years, and seen all of their struggles first hand. It’s really not a level playing field for freelancers, which is incredibly frustrating when you know that we’re moving fast into a new economy. What most people don’t seem to understand is that freelancing will soon be the default, not the alternative.

When we found a winning recipe on how to best help both freelancers and brands, by acting as a middle-man, we realized that we could have a massive impact by launching a new venture. And so, Willa was born.

Could you present Willa's offer?

Willa is a mobile app that freelancers use to get paid faster (with less time or worry) when they work with brands. As a freelancer, you just let us know your point of contact and how much you should get paid and we'll take care of the rest. We'll deal with your client and make you look extra professional along the way.

You can click a button in the app to get paid the same day, no matter when the invoice is due.

If there are hiccups along the way we'll handle them.

So in short – we help you take back control and get you paid on your terms so that you can stay in the zone and focus on what really matters.

What's coming next for Willa?

We're rolling out our closed, invite-only beta in the United States in Q3 2020. More than 1,000 full-time influencers with a collective reach of more than 100 million followers are lined up for the launch, so we're obviously very excited!  If you're a freelancer and would like to be first in line when we launch you can request early access over at willapay.com!

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