Finastra joins FinTechVisor as associate partner 01 April 2021

The fintech software company will lend its deep expertise to the global fintech portal.
FinTechVisor is all about collaboration. In that spirit of collaboration, a new partner is coming on board to sponsor the program. Efma and Capgemini are excited to announce that Finastra will be joining the FinTechVisor matchmaking portal as an associate partner.

FinTechVisor is a unique global platform that enables tech firms to present their products and empowers them with an interactive matchmaking tool, connecting them with potential industry partners. Firms in the portal come from all over the globe and are pushing financial services forward with flexible, disruptive, and customer-focused tools.

Finastra, as one of the leading companies in the fintech space, will provide new commercial incentives on the portal via FusionFabric.cloud. FusionFabric.cloud is Finastra’s open and collaborative developer platform and marketplace for financial solutions. With FusionFabric.cloud, Finastra unlocks innovation by fostering open collaboration within an ecosystem of partners.

“At Finastra, we provide Fintechs with access to more than 8,500 financial institutions, 180+ APIs and a robust marketplace/store. With more than 40 live apps, we have proven the success of our processes and go-to-market capabilities while also remaining flexible for the future. Our skilled partner managers are well placed to help gauge the suitability of the Fintech, determine how to integrate with Finastra, and guide the fintechs through our app validation process. Upon completion of the onboarding process, we will work together to generate new marketing leads and drive sales activity,” said Philip Taliaferro, Global Head of the Fintech Ecosystem at Finastra.

For Efma and Capgemini, Finastra represented a great opportunity to add valuable insight to a vibrant community filled with the top global fintech startups and scaleups. “We are very pleased to welcome Finastra as an associate partner on FinTechVisor. Capgemini and Finastra are both committed to orchestrating effective collaboration opportunities between traditional financial services firms and StartUps. FinTechVisor is the place where these collaborations start,” said Elias Ghanem, Capgemini’s Global Head of Market Intelligence for Financial Services.

With Finastra on board, members of the portal will have access to even more offerings when they submit their companies. “As part of our growth plans for FFDC, we are continuing to add new Fintech partners to the platform. We are constantly on a quest for new ideas, new ways of approaching the market, and new solutions to emerging challenges that our clients face.  Fintechvisor has more than 1,000 participating Fintechs and we believe strongly that these firms hold the potential to become great partners of Finastra and ultimately our clients,” said Mr. Taliaferro.

You can check out the portal and all the fintechs here





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