NewTech Friday: BHub – an entrepreneur determined to help out fellow entrepreneurs 28 January 2022

Mr. Jorge Vargas Neto is the founder and CEO of BHub. He is deeply in love with entrepreneurship and with helping other entrepreneurs make their dreams true. Efma’s Boris Plantier asked him about his company’s origins. 

What led to the creation of BHub?

BHub was born from my entrepreneurial experience. Managing a business in Brazil is very bureaucratic and I couldn't understand why I had to spend so much time filling out forms, talking to the government, or doing my tax report. It was with this lack of understanding that the bell rang and BHub was born. Our mission is to ease the life of the entrepreneur, freeing much of the time used in actions not related to the core business, all while charging a fair and low price.

Could you present BHub's offer?

We offer 'Management as a Service' packages. Entrepreneurs can sign up for different services according to their necessity. Currently, there are accountancy, legal, financial, and human resources services, but this portfolio will only grow since Brazilian entrepreneurs need support in all areas of their businesses. 

What's coming next for BHub?

We aim to help 1m Brazilian entrepreneurs grow their business in an economical, scalable, and bureaucracy-free way. We are investing significantly in people and technology and believe we can make a change in society with our business model.

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