NewTech Friday: Dchained – an educational outlet for crypto investors 21 January 2022

Edmund McCormack is the CEO of Dchained, a crypto-based education and advisory platform, and Managing General Partner of Dchained Capital. Efma’s Boris Plantier spoke with him about the company’s goal of educating crypto investors. 

What led to the creation of Dchained?

The idea dawned on me in 2017 when I spoke with family and friends who had invested in the crypto market in 2016-2017. Despite the fact that many of them had a limited understanding of the assets they were investing in, they were drawn to the "once in a lifetime" returns that captured headlines. However, the bull run was short-lived and many of these individuals incurred significant losses. 

After hearing their stories and experiences, it became apparent that many of them lacked a trusted source with easy-to-understand information. There was no shortage of information that they came across on a daily basis. However, the high-quality sites were often too complex and time-consuming to stay updated on important market information. Until that point, cryptocurrency was reserved for a select group of investors who understood tech and finance. As a successful investor in the crypto market for almost a decade, combined with 15 years in the tech industry, I felt inspired to build an education hub that anyone could feel comfortable to learn and grow as a cryptocurrency investor.

Could you present Dchained's offer?

Dchained provides education, personalized coaching, and online resources for investors at every stage of their journey, whether complete beginners or experienced traders. Through a series of easy-to-follow guides and courses, Dchained members gain the insight required to make informed and timely investment decisions - covering everything from the basics of "how to get started" to the latest DeFi platforms. 

What's coming next for Dchained?

We have several exciting partnerships that will broadcast our educational content and market information to a much larger audience in 2022. We'll be announcing to subscribers of our free newsletter and YouTube channel in early January. 

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