Bosnian Raiffeisen branches going digital 10 January 2022

Raiffeisen is providing a totally new experience for its clients while maintaining a human touch. We spoke with Azra Hadziomeragic, Head of Retail Sales at the bank, to learn more about their Branches Going Digital initiative. 

Tell me about your Branches Going Digital (BGD) initiative. How did the approach to the branch change to drive more value?

Digitalization trends and the impact of Covid were a clear signal for us that branches in the Raiffeisen Bank's omnichannel world are essential but will also have to evolve. So, we started setting up Universal Bankers and offering a broad scale of products and services, complex sales, and advisory services alongside educating our clients and employees to use digital solutions. Our motto is "Keeping human touch as our primary purpose".  We succeeded in digitizing products and providing advisory services for our clients who need personal assistance. In the process, we freed our capacities by reducing cash operations. As a result, employees have more time to provide customers with value-added services.

How are design and technology supporting people in the branch?

Customer behavior had already started moving towards acceptance of digitization even before Covid. Covid was an additional impetus for digitalization. Digital solutions mean we provide clients with digital onboarding in the branches or remotely. We provided a smooth transition towards increased digitization by educating our clients about the benefits of digital solutions. Though digital and mobile banking is growing, our clients still value face-to-face support provided by our Universal Bankers or Advisors in our branches. So, in essence, the Branches Going Digital initiative is a hybrid model: it combines a digital and branch approach to handle customer needs.

How many employees are working in the new branch? What do they do within the branch?

All of our branches operate under the new, transformed hybrid model. We utilized agile methodology for our Cash Migration and Universal Bankers' teams to encourage a culture of collaboration, proactivity, and trust in the sales frontline. We believe that agile will increase the engagement of our employees, consequently influencing NPS and increasing customer satisfaction. Teams working in an agile way do not only achieve team targets - they report having a higher sense of purpose.

Universal Bankers have gained cross-sales and digital competencies in offering value-adding services. In addition, because our Brand Ambassadors are experienced hosts, they positively shape customers' first experience in the bank and provide the clients with a meaningful experience. As our frontliners are now more relieved from the burden of cash operations, they can focus on advisory services and complex sales. Overall, cashless locations provide the environment for both clients and the bank to resolve more complex cases. 

What was the role of the agile coaches in this workforce transformation? What did they do exactly?

The role of agile coaches is to support the bank's employees in introducing a new network structure, setting up regular agile ceremonies, moving towards self-organization, and helping everyone build the skills and mindset they need to succeed in an agile system. Especially at the beginning of a transformation, agile coaches are critical pillars for our employees, guiding them through change.

How many branches have you transformed so far, and how many branches do you plan to change?

All branches are operating under a new hybrid model reporting improved productivity, client, and employee satisfaction. Within the network, a total of 30 locations operates in a cashless mode.

If you want to read more about the way bank branches are evolving, and what might be in store for the future, check out our report – Bank branches: a reimagined approach




Bosnia and Herzegovina

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