A new player enters the Turkish loan market 04 January 2022

The Banking Regulation and Supervision Agency (BDDK) approved the establishment application of Quick Finans.

Quick Finansman, which is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Quick Sigorta, one of the Maher Group companies, obtained the establishment license from the Banking Regulation and Supervision Agency (BDDK).

Quick Finans, which was established with a capital of 50 million TL, fully owned by Quick Sigorta, will operate within the scope of Law No. 6361 and will provide loans for all kinds of purchases of goods and services.

Mr. Nihat Karadağ, one of the most experienced leaders in the banking and finance sector, who has held important positions in many financing companies, including the founding team of the first financing company established in our country, will lead the company.

Financial products create significant opportunities

The CEO of the Maher Group of companies operating in the energy, real estate, informatics, education, and insurance sectors, Mr. Levent Uluçen said in a statement after the establishment application of Quick Finans was approved: “Maher Group aims to maintain and strengthen its leading position in financial insurance, which it pioneered with Quick Sigorta, with its initiatives in the finance sector in line with its founding vision.” 

Digitalization s at the forefront in finance and banking

Drawing attention to the pioneering role of financing companies in the field of financial inclusion, Mr. Uluçeçen said: “These companies have significant experience in the areas of risk, liquidity, cost, and process management which they address through the technologies, digital solutions and integrations they have developed in their decision-making processes. In the last era during which digitalization came to the fore, remote access to customers, rapid credit approval systems and developments in artificial intelligence technologies are supported by the ensuing legal regulations. In this developing ecosystem, in addition to conventional loan products, housing financing in relation to the projects equipped with “Building Completion” insurance, which we have just introduced, financing of the agriculture and food production chains, and the loan products we plan to develop for the younger generations will be important fields of activity. To this end, creating synergy between our financing company, electronic money company and insurance companies is among our plans.”

The link between insurance and finance has become clearer

Maher Holding Insurance Group President Mr. Ahmet Yaşar, on the other hand, has stated that Quick Finans will be built on strong foundations with the financial insurance ecosystem including instruments such as Surety Bond, Building Completion Insurance, Bill Protection insurance, which Quick Insurance has paved the way for and led in the sector.

Stating that Quick Finans will enter the sector one step ahead with the experience and the extensive agency network of Quick Sigorta and Corpus Sigorta in finance, Mr. Yaşar has said: “I think Quick Finans will make a quick start to the sector and also contribute to the development of insurance sector in Turkey getting strength from our technological infrastructure advantage in our insurance group and our practices in preventive insurance and finance, which are important for the continuation of sustainability. I wish Quick Finans to be beneficial to Maher Group and all of Turkey.”





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