NewTech Friday: Active.ai – powering autonomous finance 10 December 2021

Ravi Shankar, Co-founder and CEO of Active.ai, spoke with Efma’s Boris Plantier about how his company is partnering with financial institutions to embrace the future of digital engagement. 

What led to the creation of Active.ai?

In late 2015, we saw a shift in customer behavior from structured conversations to unstructured conversations over web, mobile, apps, messaging, and voice. The world was moving to an era of Cloud-first, AI-first ecosystems where API's and data enable commerce, banking, health care engagement, etc. In 2016 we incorporated Active.ai to enable financials to deal with this shift and embrace the future of digital engagement.

Could you present Active.ai’s offer?

Active.Ai is a Cognitive Customer Experience Service Platform which enables financial institutions to service and engage their customers using automation across multiple channels (mobile apps, messaging apps, Whatsapp, Web, IOT, IVR and video) and in multiple languages. 

What’s coming next for Active.ai?

Active.ai today is a platform of choice for financials. We have a 4-year roadmap to enable financials to drive autonomous finance using explainable AI across their enterprise. 5G and AI on the edge will significantly enable how AI will transform enterprises and consumers will experience it.  Our roadmap on AI is to deliver that transformation.

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