NewTech Friday: Cosmo Connected – bringing a sense of security to micro-mobility 03 December 2021

Romain Afflelou is a serial investor and tech enthusiast. His latest venture is Cosmo Connected. He spoke with Efma’s Boris Plantier about his company’s plan to become a safety leader in urban mobility. 

What led to the creation of Cosmo Connected?

I co-founded Cosmo Connected in 2015 with Frédéric Metge with the ambition to secure all people in mobility (users of bicycles, scooters, motorcycles, and scooters). The lack of safety remains a primary barrier in a booming global micro-mobility market (+20% 2019-2025 CAGR).

Cosmo Connected saves lives of two-wheelers by developing IoT solutions patented in +150 countries to detect falls, alert the rescue services ICE, and make them visible thanks to connected lights. 

Our goal is to become the leader in connected safety in urban mobility, and to develop connected products and services to meet everyone's needs. Our vision is to put our technology at the service of the greatest number and to contribute to making roads safer while promoting the use of soft mobility.

Could you present Cosmo Connected's offer?

Cosmo Connected has developed a unique technology – combining hardware and software – which ensures visibility and security for the urban commuter in mobility. Our product ecosystem includes smart lights, augmented visualization systems, and a set of connected services accessible from our application.

In addition, we make our know-how available to micro-mobility players by integrating our technologies at the heart of personal mobility devices.

What's coming next for Cosmo Connected?

Today we are present in 10+ countries across Europe thanks to strong partnerships with main retailers (Decathlon, Boulanger, Fnac-Darty), manufacturers (SEAT MO), and the public sector (police cycling squads). 

Our goal is to expand our range with innovative products and services dedicated to new mobilities, develop our OEM offer with major players, and open new international markets. 

Beside the launch of new top-notch products (smart glasses, helmets and backpacks) and the opening in the U.S. market in Q1 2022, we are getting wins with our new OEM offer to connect large manufacturers’ e-scooters, e-bikes, and helmets.  We are multiplying negotiations with Tier-1 manufacturers such Decathlon and 2Ride (Shark, Nolan, Cairn helmets) to connect hundreds of thousands of smart helmets.

We started with safety accessories. Our objective now is to become a real industrial and global partner for all mobility players who take a turning point by entering the world of micro-mobility.

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