NewTech Friday: WeMaintain – an end-to-end digital maintenance solution for the real estate industry 26 November 2021

Benoit Dupont, co-Founder & CEO of WeMaintain, describes how the PropTech aims to transform an industry with low digital penetration.  

What led to the creation of WeMaintain?

First, it was the acknowledgement that the world has changed and that we are in the middle of a radical transformation of every single sector with the appearance of digital technologies. This transformation opens doors to new players to invent new asset-light models and compete with very large established industrial businesses around the world.

Real estate is the largest asset class in the world and represents close to $300T, yet it still has an extremely low digitization rate. Inside of this massive asset class, there are a lot of frictions that can be solved using technology and among them, building operations. I used to work for the leading player in the elevator industry for a little more than 10 years, 8 of which were in China and the north Asia Pacific area. There I witnessed the massive success of this organization in the past Industrial Age, yet could also see the limits of not being able to transform itself into a digital company. I met with Jade Francine (COO) and Tristan Foureur (CTO), my two co-founders, and we decided to build a new model from scratch that could address asset owners' and property managers' needs to radically streamline their building operations. 

Could you present WeMaintain’s offer?

We are an end-to-end B2B building operations player that started by transforming the regulated maintenance of the most common mode of transportation in the world: lifts. We have now expanded beyond lifts into other regulated building operations (fire & safety systems, automatic doors) with the same technology. What makes us different from other PropTech players is the capacity to operate on an end-to-end basis. This means that we have the capacity, via our proprietary technology, to both operate the maintenance regulated tasks on the buildings and offer business intelligence with data collected from our unique technology to support asset owners and property managers on their smart building journey. This new model helps asset owners finally unlock all existing industrial silos and deploy a solution that works on the diversity of buildings they own.

What’s coming next for WeMaintain?

We just closed a €30M series B round in order to expand beyond elevators and accelerate our geographical expansion in Europe and Asia, and to plan for the opening of the US market.

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