NewTech Friday: Trendex – invest in your favorite stars 12 November 2021

Andrea Bonapersona is the CTO and Cofounder of Trendex. Efma’s Boris Plantier spoke with him about their new platform that gives rising stars a unique avenue to capitalize on their success.

What led to the creation of Trendex?

At the crossroads between Sorare, which signed the most impressive fundraising in French tech, and Tipee, which allows to support creators and video makers, comes Trendex. It is a concept coming from cryptocurrencies, reinventing the rules of the game with "win-win" logic.

Trendex is an innovative concept, allowing personalities to better connect to their audience and to create new revenue streams from their existing followers. For those followers, it is the exceptional opportunity to invest in what they believe in the most: their idols. Many well-known personalities have already joined us: influencers, movie and TV stars, first league rugby and football players, YouTubers, and music artists.

Could you present Trendex's offer?

Thanks to Trendex, fans can for the first time participate economically in the success of their idols. Each personality on the platform is split in 100,000 limited shares that they can sell as their career grows.

Those shares can be bought at market value, and give their owners access to exclusive benefits linked to their idol. In addition, the units can be resold on the market, the price being based on supply and demand. 

Concretely, Trendex gives celebrities the opportunity to monetize their image in the same way that the companies listed on the stock exchange finance their activity. It is also a way for fans to share in the success of their idols. 

100% of the funds collected for each share sold by the celebrity goes to the celebrity. In addition, royalties amounting to 1% are transferred to the celebrity for each resale of shares between fans, forever.

What's coming next for Trendex?

We want to enhance the way we believe in others. Trendex is a new kind of social application, allowing athletes, artists, influencers and their audiences to be connected more intensely. It is the culmination of nearly two years of work by a team of 25 people including engineers, graphic designers, videographers, and marketing specialists. Signing so many celebrities has been made possible by a strong team with a long reputation in media, YouTube and top social network companies.

In the long term, we want to allow everyone who has a dream and some talent to have the chance to support those around them economically. We want to allow each individual to be able to bet on the future of another. Much more than a financial product, Trendex is the platform that allows people to believe in the potential of others, and to be thanked for their support by sharing in their success. 

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