NewTech Friday: Tipeee – offering independence to online creators 05 November 2021

Michaël Goldman, CEO and Founder of Tipeee, spoke with Efma’s Boris Plantier about how his company frees creators from advertising dependence to do what they do best: create. 

What led to the creation of Tipeee?

Since the very beginning of Tipeee our headline has been the same: we want the internet to keep being a space of creativity, freedom, and independence. 

We think the internet is a revolution for the freedom of speech and the creation in the world, as important as the printing press in its time. But if the tool is revolutionary, the methods of financing this creation were borrowed from old media, with the exact same consequences: advertising is only the tip of the iceberg where a few creators providing very popular, very mainstream, and very consensual content can live off their content. Subsidies only help those who agree with the doxa of the power. 

By offering creators the chance to live exclusively on the support of their community, we release them from all these constraints and give them the opportunity to create freely what they want, how they want, with the tone they want. Our philosophy of tipping is the key to the creative specificity of the web, the reason why the internet can remain a different media from others. Einstein said that the creative personality must think and judge for itself, because the moral progress of society depends exclusively on its very independence. Tipeee offers them this independence. 

Could you present Tipeee's offer?

Any creator providing free and regular content on the web can create a Tipeee page. He can then solicit his community to come and support him financially by giving a tip of 1, 2, 10 euros, as a recurring tip or in one shot according to their preferences. There is no target to reach, no mandatory level, no maximum collection time. Donors can give what they want, when they want, if they want, and the creator will collect the sum of all these tips at the end of each month. Tipeee takes a commission ranging from 6-8% on all amounts collected.

What's coming next for Tipeee?

Tipeee is very well established in France, where we are industry leaders since 2013. We are currently developing in other European countries and are attacking new verticals that were previously under-explored, such as streaming. We have been profitable since 2017 and are seeking strategic partnerships with industrial players that could help us to develop our offer on other continents and to explore other markets. The Tipping philosophy is becoming the keystone of the financing of online creation; Twitch, Youtube, Facebook, Spotify, Twitter, all the GAFAMs have started in the last few years, and we are convinced that cross-platform pure players have a major role to play in this colossal market that is developing.

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