NewTech Friday: Lizee – a key cog in the circular economy 22 October 2021

Tanguy Frécon, Co-Founder and CEO of Lizee, outlines his vision to transform the retail industry from linear to circular. 

What led to the creation of Lizee?

Retail is slowly becoming one of the most polluting industries in the world. We keep over producing, over consuming, and worst of all, we don't use or under use what we buy. There is no planet B and consumers are rapidly reacting by shifting their purchasing behaviors. Consumers are beginning to understand that the things they use are not goods, but instead resources that can continue their life long after their initial use. Real change is necessary, the "take, make, & waste" model needs to come to an end to allow for the flourishing of a new circular economy.

That's why with my two co-founders, Anna and Tim, we decided back in 2018 to create Lizee. We are on a mission to transform the retail industry from linear to circular. By deploying reusable business models with the best brands and retailers on the market, we are looking to accelerate the consumer shift towards better consumption. Within 20 years, we want to be involved in the manufacturing of goods.

Could you present Lizee's offer?

Lizee offers a complete data-driven SaaS solution, the Reuse Management System, combined with outsourced managed reverse logistics services, that easily allows your businesses to join the circular economy and to adapt to changing consumer behaviors. With Lizee, brands can launch, pilot, and scale their best rental and resale offer in just a couple of weeks.

The solution allows the management of all e-commerce and logistics flows for an optimal, seamless, and profitable service.

With these new circular business models, brands and retailers can operate their sustainable transformation by extending their products' lifespan, clear inventory without discounting, target new consumers, and develop new and greener revenues.

What's coming next for Lizee?

At Lizee, we are looking to build the next big thing in retail. Change is required and possible. We are looking to position Lizee as the leading player in circular commerce solutions. 20 brands are relying on Lizee today and we are looking to onboard 30 new ones within 12 months.

90% of our business is done in France today but we aim to develop 50% of our revenues outside our home market.

1 out of 5 products will be traded through circular business models by 2030 and Lizee will be the enabler for brands!

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