NewTech Friday: Caast – a new way to engage online with retailers 15 October 2021

Antoine Leclercq, CEO of Caast, talks about his live shopping streams that are helping retailers connect with customers and boost their sales. 

What led to the creation of Caast?

Based on the observation that consumers have gone to stores far less since the start of the health crisis, we have observed the gradual disappearance of in-store sales animation. Consumers are buying more and more via e-commerce and mobile commerce is accelerating its penetration. They have taken on new habits and take part in webinars from home while following their favorite influencers who lead live discussions. 

It therefore became clear that there was a unique opportunity to launch a live shopping solution: Caast.TV. In less than 12 months, thanks to monthly co-creation workshops with brands and distributors, we have secured more than 40 customers and broadcasted nearly 150 live shopping shows.

Could you present Caast’s offer?

Caast is a live commerce solution integrated into the e-commerce customer journey. It allows you to broadcast product presentations live and as replays.

Caast is an innovative, flexible, and impactful solution: 

• Caast integrates with any e-commerce site in less than thirty minutes and without needing specific development. This makes it the preferred solution for retailers who often have very few resources to deploy new solutions

• Caast provides Best-of-Breed live commerce technology as well as strong strategic consulting services

• Caast also gives its clients access to an ecosystem of partners who provide all the services required to succeed at live commerce (scenario, film crew, influencers, studios)
The impact of Caast live commerce is:
• Increased conversion rates during live and replay from by 30% to 100%
• Increased time spent on site
• Additional traffic ranging from 2 to 6 times the normal traffic of targeted product pages the days of the live cast
• Overall improved customer experience

How does it work? On the day of Live, the Caast solution provides high-quality broadcasts of live shopping shows on e-commerce sites. After the Live, the replay is integrated on the product page which improves conversion rate over time. Caast also provides live analytics to help you improve your live shopping strategy.

What's coming next for Caast?

Our next steps are:

• Accelerate our growth (more customers, increased MRR)
• Provide additional high-value services at scale
• Keep our customer satisfaction super high

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