NewTech Friday: ScribePay – helping customers out of the subscription trap 01 October 2021

Delphine Emenyonu, CEO & Co-Founder of ScribePay, spoke with Efma’s Boris Plantier about how her company is saving people time and money in our subscription-filled world.  
What led to the creation of ScribePay?

I founded Scribepay in 2020 along with my Co-founder Ikenna Emenyonu. The idea for ScribePay came when we became victims of a subscription trap. We were drawn into the purchase of a service through a 1-year free trial period, only to find we had been unwittingly locked into costly recurring payments. Like most people, we forgot about the subscription and were hit with a fee in a year’s time. We contacted our bank and they advised we should contact the vendor. We spoke with the vendor’s customer service team to cancel the subscription for the following year, and we were advised to send in an email for cancelation. We sent the email as advised thinking that was the end.  The following year, we were hit with another subscription fee, and we thought…. there must be a better way!

Through our research we found out we were not the only ones experiencing this pain. Around 2 million people in the UK lose on average between £100-£200 yearly because of subscription traps. Furthermore, visibility is an important concern for consumers when it comes to subscriptions. £800m is wasted in unwanted subscriptions that are not easily visible on traditional bank statements.

Could you present ScribePay's offer?

ScribePay aims to helps consumers and businesses manage their subscriptions and payments to ensure they never forget to make a payment or to renew a subscription. It does this through a unique 3-in-1 fashion:

1 - We save time (no need to Google how to unsubscribe or spend an hour on the phone with your bank to cancel a payment) 

2 - We help manage money (say bye-bye to hidden fees and secret charges)

3 - We do the work for our users (so they can focus on enjoying the goods and services, and not worry every time about forgetting to cancel after a trial ends!)

What's coming next for ScribePay?

September 2021 is set to be the beginning for ScribePay. We will launch the free version of our app, where consumers can start manually tracking and managing their subscriptions. In November, we will launch our premium version which will be powered by a digital wallet and virtual card to seamlessly pay, manage, and track subscriptions. The company then plans to expand its offering to startup businesses, while growing its marketplace for new vendors aiming to reach a new audience of super subscribers.

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