Yapı Kredi Mobil My Car+ (Aracım+): A brand new platform experience 11 October 2021

Yapi Kredi has created Aracım+, a customer-friendly way of performing all car-related transactions at a single point that represents one of the first steps of their platform banking vision.  
The banking industry is growing. However, growth itself without proper care is insufficient and unsustainable. It might be possible for a consumer to keep track of 2-3 functions, but due to diminished attention span and patience, most of the services offered can be lost in the crowd. To stand out in the crowd, companies create new platforms to provide users with all services together in one place. Banks should be no exception because customers prefer to receive services from places they trust and can access with ease.

The days of push strategies have ended as we know it. Banks have to change their strategy disruptively to transform themselves from start-ups. They need to shift from full-pusher to a pull-push strategy. To achieve this, banks should reduce complexity by having customer-centric UX design. For example, customers know what they need to do, but that does not mean customers know your product and banking jargon.

An interesting example is customers wishing to pay car taxes. They start by thinking of their car, not the tax. In a standard banking experience, customers go to the taxes section and filter through to find their need. Now, suppose these same customers also wish to buy insurance. In that case, the customers have to go through the whole process of purchasing insurance and will be exposed to a lot of irrelevant information. Thus, a whole new experience is needed.
With that vision, we at Yapı Kredi have created a brand-new service, Aracım+ (My Car+) developed in cooperation with Otokoç Otomotiv, the leading mobility company in Turkey. Aracım+ aims to restructure the consumer journey completely. We started with the perspective of the customer instead of a specific banking product. We built a platform centered around the car. Within the Aracım+ platform, a customer can see every service they need for their vehicle. They can pay vehicle taxes, pay fines, pay for gasoline without leaving the car, apply for car loans, access loan payment information, pay their HGS (credit required for paying highway toll), and more. Furthermore, owning a car does not limit service options for customers. They can even exchange second hand cars with notary payment system integration, as well as rent a car whenever they need.

Yakup Doğan, Yapı Kredi Assistant General Manager, stated that: “As Yapı Kredi, one of the largest banks in Turkey, we always strive to continuously provide life-enhancing solutions to our customers. With our latest innovative solution Aracım+ (My Car+) from our collaboration with Otokoç Otomotiv, we have built a business model beyond financial services. This was one of the first steps of our platform banking vision. Within this scope, our goal was to enable customers to reach a wide range of car-related services as well as banking transactions swiftly, at a single point, with a seamless experience. We aggregated a set of features and services adressing vehicle needs on Yapı Kredi Mobile which customers visit almost every day for their financial needs. Furthermore, Aracım+ provides alerts and reminders about their vehicle such as due date of Motor Vehicle Tax payment or Casco policy renewal. In the future, we will enhance Aracım+ with many other innovative solutions and 3rd party collaborations to accompany customers through their daily lives.”   

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