NewTech Friday: Segurio – flexible insurance for valuable items 24 September 2021

Nina Gscheider, founder of Segurio, talks about how the company’s offer and service is tailored to the changing preferences of insurance customers.
What led to the creation of Segurio?
Essentially, we recognized that customers were fed up with old fashioned insurance solutions. There was a huge gap in the insurance market which needed filling. Valuable objects naturally require more coverage than everyday items. But the current options on the market weren’t as flexible as some people might require. That is why we created Segurio. We are the only provider that offers monthly insurance contracts for valuable objects such as watches, jewelery, art, or musical instruments. Our offer is fully online as well. The model is a bit like Netflix: a monthly online subscription that can be canceled at any time. This flexibility reflects the modern-day consumer’s needs and we are excited to introduce it to the insurance industry. 
Could you present Segurio's offer?
We have the most flexible insurance offer for valuable items. We offer an all risk insurance product with worldwide cover. All coverages run on a monthly basis and our clients can add or remove objects according to their needs such as new purchases, travels etc. We are currently active in 14 European countries. If a client moves from London to Berlin, that’s no problem at all. We are happy to simply change the address. Our coverage is valid worldwide. 
What's coming next for Segurio?

With Segurio we are directly linking underwriters and clients. We are also a lot quicker than our competitors. We offer new and/or additional products quickly thanks to our low administrative costs.  We are testing new products in (new) markets without the requirement of huge internal capacities. At the moment we are on the lookout for additional insurance carriers to enter new markets. We will continue working to bring affordable and adaptable offerings to customers around the globe. 

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