NewTech Friday: Novus – generating positive impact from everyday financial activity 17 September 2021

Hristian Nedyalkov is co-founder and CEO of Novus, the next generation digital banking and lifestyle app for a sustainable future. He spoke with Efma’s Boris Plantier about his company’s efforts to create an ethical ‘Super App’.
What led to the creation of Novus?
The inspiration behind Novus came from a place of frustration: I don’t believe that banking is evolving in the same way that society and overall human consciousness is. Although challenger banks in the UK have come a long way and now offer a better and more digitized user experience than traditional banks, there has been no real change in the fundamental business model itself, which is where Novus comes in.
Novus isn’t just another challenger bank that simply promises a better experience or ease of use – we are on a mission to change the way banking works for the more modern, ‘conscious consumer’. We want to ensure our members can use the power of their money to create real social impact, one small step at a time, and we want our app to make this as easy as possible to achieve.
Could you present Novus’ offer?
With conscious consumerism on the rise in the UK, the way society manages, spends and saves their money has also changed. Novus offers an all-encompassing solution that generates positive impact from everyday financial activity by contributing ‘impact coins’ to various social and environmental causes including saving animals, cleaning the ocean, and planting trees – every time the user taps their Novus card. 
Through opening a current account with Novus, you can use your regular purchases as an actual force for good, tracking your impact, and even viewing your carbon footprint to see just how far your conscious lifestyle has evolved.
With the added support of an in-app marketplace, Novus’ community of conscious consumers can discover and buy from an expanding range of ethical and sustainable brands while receiving rewards for their sustainable purchases in the form of cashback, discounts, and a range of other benefits. 
What’s coming next for Novus?
My long-term vision for Novus is to become the modern, ethical ‘Super App’ for the growing conscious consumer segment, with every interaction resulting in a positive impact for our members, our planet and society, and actively taking a step towards a better world!
We recently launched a beta version of the app in order to start testing with early users before launching to the wider UK public later this year. As well as offering a seamless user experience, we intend to continue growing our community while developing the app with additional features to allow our members to live a more impactful life.

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