Banking innovation of the month: Digital Sales Boost Program by Intesa Sanpaolo 24 June 2021

The Italian bank has implemented a new program that will enable them to reach some ambitious sales growth targets by 2023. 
Intesa Sanpaolo set themselves an ambitious target: Triple their digital sales by 2023. Bold? Yes. Unattainable? Not at all, thanks to their Digital Sales Boost Program, which was chosen as the Efma Innovation of the Month for June. 
What comprises the program? Four primary elements, all based around artificial intelligence:

1.      NEW DIGITAL MARKETING PLATFORM AS A SERVICE - Combination of marketing & advertising tools to guarantee personalization at scale, industrialization and automation of commercial leads, and time-to-market reduction.

2.     DIGITAL MARKETING SERVICES - Enhancement of vertical skills for effective management of the MadTech tools.

3.     WAYS OF WORKING - Ensuring greater cooperation among offices (including compliance), workflow streamlining, and shared access to performance data.

4.     AI SALES STUDIO - Centralized and cross-stream governance of the project.

These four elements will all contribute to elevating digital sales at Italy’s largest bank to the upper echelons of European financial institutions.  
 This program intends to enhance both the customer and client experience. Customers need timely and personalized financial offerings that can make a real impact in their lives. This can be more difficult when all interactions are digital. This program will ensure the bank is speaking the same language of its customers through tailored messaging and an added human touch.
 Furthermore, employees will find the new ways of working stimulating and collaborative, opening up a new world of expertise. In this way, employees will continuously learn and expand their skills, contributing to their professional development and success of the bank. 
 The initiative is already bearing fruit. Through the first five months of 2021, the bank recorded a monthly average of self-sales almost 50% higher than the monthly average from 2020. With this kind of growth, Intesa Sanpaolo can expect to comfortably reach their 2023 sales target. 
 Digital sales was highlighted years ago as a particular area of focus at the bank. Now, with the right mix of technology, personalization, and lead industrialization, Intesa Sanpaolo’s innovative sales acceleration plan is on the right track.  
Intesa Sanapolo’s innovation will be automatically selected as a nominee for the Efma-Accenture Innovation in Banking Awards 2021. You can submit your innovations on the Efma Banking Innovation portal. Participation is free of charge and open to all banking institutions. Innovation of the Month is reserved for Efma members. Deadline to submit for June Innovation of the Month is 15 July. 

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