NewTech Friday: Lily facilite la vie – a personalized platform that promotes wellbeing at work 04 June 2021

Magaly Simeon, Co-founder of Lily facilite la vie, spoke with Efma’s Boris Plantier about her holistic, AI-based platform that is changing human resources for companies. 
What led to the creation of Lily facilite la vie?
In 2018, a few weeks apart, several colleagues came to me for advice. One needed help with her son's school orientation, the other was looking for an honest and serious plumber, Julien needed help for his mother following an accident… It was then that an idea came to me. To do on a large scale what I had done for my loved ones through a company. I want to change the way we view the workforce and help entrepreneurs who care about the well-being of their employees.
The Covid-19 crisis and the lockdown that followed has profoundly changed the way we work. Remote work has become a concrete reality for many companies and their collaborators making the intersection between work and professional life quite blurred. The lockdown had a direct impact on workers’ mental health and even more so for women. 50% of all French employees are dealing with some form of psychological distress. Managing professional responsibilities while maintaining a household, tending to children, and pets, has proved to be very challenging. The added stress has become a new challenge for the HR department to help employees cope with, because the wellbeing of employees has a direct effect on the company. 
Since its creation, Lily facilite la vie has supported employees in better managing their daily lives and in managing their stress at work. And now, we are used by insurers to become closer to their insured. We help them to better understand their uninsured and to offer them everyday solutions.
Could you present Lily facilite la vie's offer?
Lily facilite la vie offers a 360-degree solution which covers all aspects of the quality of working life policy. Breaking with current solutions that require companies to subscribe to several services whose usefulness is rarely demonstrated, we predict the needs of employees using AI technology, and therefore can offer a more personalized solution.
Lily facilite la vie supports you in your HR approach on the four major issues:
● Engaging your employees
● Creating social bond
● Developing the employer brand
● Improving the employee experience
And we support you in your customer relationship by helping you:
- know them better
- create a everyday relationship
- improve your brand
We propose efficient audits for an adapted quality of working life strategy. This audit offers a better view for the company and permits them to focus their energy on what matters most. 
Lily facilite la vie is a personalized platform that brings together content, services, community, and a task management tool to enhance the wellbeing of their collaborators. We act on the most frequent concerns: family, aging parents, home, and wellness. We also focus closely on important life events such as purchasing a first home or welcoming a first child.
Our platform provides a live chat option which allows interaction between Lily experts and a Care Manager to help those in greatest difficulty. Finally, we initiate various actions to encourage collaborators to systematically think of our solution when facing challenges: email, telephone, letter, company HR relay, presentation workshops, creation of communities of ambassadors. 
To help the collaborators become proactive with their wellbeing, we offer workshops animated by experts on various topics. For example, helping aging parents while preserving our balance, reducing the mental load, and remote working with comfort and efficiency. 
What's coming next for Lily facilite la vie?
Our challenge is to continuously improve the experience of our users and to offer them solutions that are increasingly personalized and adapted to their needs. The use of artificial intelligence technology will therefore be extended over the next 12 months, the objective being to streamline and further personalize the user experience (UX).
Thanks to this ongoing innovation, we will be able to push specific and personalized content on behalf of members. The use of this technology will also allow us to better know our members and the way they interact with the platform.