NewTech Friday: MoodWork – emotional analysis to achieve better business results 16 April 2021

Benjamin Brion, Cofounder & CEO of MoodWork, spoke with Efma’s Boris Plantier about his company’s unique tool for helping employees avoid burnout and companies maintain positive working environments.
What led to the creation of MoodWork?

We were passionate about emotional intelligence so we started to work with Léopold Denis, Dr. Christophe Haag and Dr. Moïra Mikolajczak on an app called Dr. Mood. The app allows users to know their emotion among 18 emotions. After the result you can receive advice to regulate your emotions. Since the beginning, we wanted to create a tool that helps employees in companies regulate their emotions. However, when we started to work on it, we encountered a problem. It was, in fact, impossible to treat emotions and not stress, work conditions, psychology etc. That’s how we created MoodWork four years ago.

Could you present Moodwork's offer?

MoodWork is a SaaS platform and a mobile application (Software as a Service, meaning that the tool can be available from any workspace at work or at home). Employees have access to MoodWork through a company code and can find three tools:

Enable your employees to achieve greater self-understanding using various self-diagnostic tools. There are two major tools:

Well-being assessment
Using our scientifically validated questionnaire, your employees can regularly obtain an overview of their level of well-being and the factors that contribute to it.

Job burnout assessment
If the well-being assessment score shows that it is necessary, your employee will be invited to carry out a job burnout assessment in order to become more aware and prevent a potential risk situation.

At the end of this assessment, the person obtains a "well-being index" out of 100 as well as a dashboard presenting different categories such as: "my relationship with my superior", "the management of my emotions", "the relationship with my colleagues”, or “ my investment in my work”. 
 In each category, the person can then see their “well-being factors” and their corresponding “unhappiness factors”. For example, in the category "my workload" we can find depending on the situation of the person, of course: 4 factors of "malaise" such as "work overload", "schedule incompatibility", "interrupted work", " VP-VF incompatibility” and 3 “well-being factors” such as: “possible breaks”, “no delay”, or “no emergency”. These factors appear with different importance to the person depending on their results.

Actions for personal development
Based on their results, the user is redirected to a recommended developer program. Five programs exist today:
Enable your employees to improve their quality of life at work through content tailored to their needs.

Three major tools:

Employees can access a wide range of resources on their app from a catalog of podcasts and advice sheets adapted to their needs.

E-learning programs
Employees who wish to go into greater depth will find e-learning activity programs on their web space.

Online talks
Online talks given by quality of life at work specialists are available for employees every month. Assistance and coaching by MoodWork is provided through professionals.

The employee can exchange with a professional (work psychologist or coach).

At the end of the well-being assessment, if the employee has an average or low score, we invite them to waive their anonymity and provide:
- Occupational medicine,
- Our psychologists,
- HR

On the management side, we offer globalized information feedback in order to set up action plans throughout the company.

What's coming next for MoodWork?

We have made a lot of progress so far. Today, we count some major companies among our client base: ENGIE, BNP Paribas, Fayat, Johnson & Johnson, Innocent, Hennessy, and Toyota. Our biggest client is ENGIE with over 50,000 employees.

Our tool is already in English and we plan to adapt it in Dutch and German in order to begin our internationalization. We plan to raise funds again this year to expand our business throughout Europe and to reinforce our team of researchers.