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SpareBank 1 is a Norwegian alliance and brand name for a group of savings banks. The alliance is organised through the holding company SpareBank 1 Gruppen AS that is owned by the participating banks. In total the alliance is Norway's second largest bank with total assets of NOK 625 billion, 352 branches and 6300 employees. The alliance has its head office in Oslo, Norway. The banks in the SpareBank 1 Alliance distribute SpareBank 1 groups' products and collaborate in key areas such as brands, work processes, expertise development, IT operations and system development.
Møyfrid Risdal
Møyfrid Risdal SpareBank 1 SR-Bank
Senior Project Manager
Arild Langberg Johannessen
Arild Langberg Johannessen SpareBank 1 SR-Bank
Director Digital Customers Corporate Market
Jan Friestad
Jan Friestad SpareBank 1 SR-Bank
Executive Vice President Retail Market