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KASIKORNBANK PUBLIC COMPANY LIMITED (KBank) conducts commercial banking business, securities business, and other related businesses. With more than 70 years of business operations in Thailand, KBank expanded our coverage to foreign countries in 1975, now having service networks in nine nations. KBank is among Thailand’s largest banks and focuses on achieving the status of "Main Bank"​ of all customer segments. Our satisfactory performances have been supported by cautious risk management and transparent corporate governance with aspiration towards sustainable business advancement. Our financial network provides service solutions in response to all financial requirements of customers, with respect to banking, fund management, economic and financial analyses, securities brokerage and financial advisory, auto financing and leasing services, as well as financial technology and infrastructure KASIKORNBANK PUBLIC COMPANY LIMITED KASIKORN ASSET MANAGEMENT COMPANY LIMITED KASIKORN RESEARCH CENTER COMPANY LIMITED KASIKORN SECURITIES PUBLIC COMPANY LIMITED KASIKORN LEASING COMPANY LIMITED KASIKORN FACTORY AND EQUIPMENT COMPANY LIMITED KASIKORN TECHNOLOGY GROUP SECRETARIAT COMPANY LIMITED KASIKORN LABS COMPANY LIMITED KASIKORN SOFT COMPANY LIMITED KASIKORN PRO COMPANY LIMITED KASIKORN SERVE COMPANY LIMITED
Arporn Sirisrisakunchai
Arporn Sirisrisakunchai Kasikornbank
FVP, Head - Retail Customer Data Analytics and Marketing Campaign Intelligence
Sittichoke Techapahaphong
Sittichoke Techapahaphong Kasikornbank
First Vice President, Head of SME Segment Strategy
Supaneewan Chutrakul
Supaneewan Chutrakul Kasikornbank
Executive Vice President
Thitiporn Sirisrisakunchai
Thitiporn Sirisrisakunchai Kasikornbank
Head of Innovative Business Management
Kingkarn Sriprasarn
Kingkarn Sriprasarn Kasikornbank
Senior Vice President - Digital Business Channel Management Department Head
Suporn Sunthornrohit
Suporn Sunthornrohit Kasikornbank
First Senior Vice President