group member Sweden
Our roots are firmly entrenched in Sweden’s savings bank history, the cooperative agricultural bank tradition and Hansabank’s major role in the Baltic countries. We serve everyone, from customers with basic needs to those who require advanced banking services. We work to develop close relationships with our 7.3 million private customers and 618 000 corporate customers.
Girts Berzins
Girts Berzins Swedbank Latvia
Member of Board, Head of Digital Banking Strategy
Kadri Rumm
Kadri Rumm Swedbank Estonia
Family Insurance Area Manager
Patrik Rylander
Patrik Rylander Swedbank
Head of Digital Transformation & Business Information Officer
Lotta Lovén
Lotta Lovén Swedbank
CIO, Head of Digital Banking, Group Executive Committee
Gitte Sundqvist
Gitte Sundqvist Swedbank
Head of Brand Identity, Strategic Marketing and Branding
Lars Linder
Lars Linder Swedbank
Head of Nordic Corporate Offering
Sofie Larsson
Sofie Larsson Swedbank
Nordic Head - Corporate Segment - SME and Midcorp
Hakan Nordblad
Hakan Nordblad Westra Wermlands Sparbank
Chief Executive Officer