group member Spain
Miguel Angel Pozuelo Villar
Miguel Angel Pozuelo Villar CaixaBank Payments
Product Development Director
Nieus Lainez
Nieus Lainez Caixabank Digital Business
Open Banking Product Manager
Marc Caparrós Chicón
Marc Caparrós Chicón Caixabank Digital Business
Head of Digital Customer Experience
César Cundari Amenta
César Cundari Amenta Caixabank Digital Business
Multichannel Banking Director
Marc Balastegui
Marc Balastegui Caixabank Digital Business
Emerging Technologies Team Manager
Joan Morla Tomas
Joan Morla Tomas CaixaBank
Head of Payments
Maria Del Mar Santana Rollan
Maria Del Mar Santana Rollan CaixaBank
Head of Foreign Trade & Risk Management
Marta Leach
Marta Leach CaixaBank
Manager in Marketing Experiences
François Miqueu
François Miqueu CaixaBank
Board Member BBAF
Ana Maria Rovira
Ana Maria Rovira CaixaBank
Director of the Department, Business Development of Business Banking
María Luisa Martínez Gistau
María Luisa Martínez Gistau CaixaBank
Executive Manager of Communication, Institutional Relations, Brand and CSR
Javier Mas
Javier Mas CaixaBank
Corporative Marketing Director (CMO)
Juan Antonio Alcaraz
Juan Antonio Alcaraz CaixaBank
Chief Business Officer
Joan Antoni Cabrer Rupert
Joan Antoni Cabrer Rupert CaixaBank
Director of Digital Transformation
Laura Comas
Laura Comas CaixaBank
Private and Premier Business Development Director
Sergio Gutierrez
Sergio Gutierrez CaixaBank
Director AgroBank
Cristina Bellido
Cristina Bellido VidaCaixa
Head of Advanced Analytics
José Antonio Iglesias Martínez
José Antonio Iglesias Martínez VidaCaixa
Assistant General Manager of Customers and Product Offer