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Charlie-India Invoice HUB developed by Partner HUB Ltd. is an end-to-end white label product to provide invoice related services integrated with the internet bank and allowing seamless e-invoice data exchange among invoicing ecosystem players including very effective accounting software integration. We aim to be technology providers to accelerate globally interoperable e-invoicing solutions focusing on SMEs.

We think that banks have a profound role in SME inclusion for interoperable e-invoicing, as banks can manage the mass onboarding of SMEs into e-invoicing. Banks can become attractive integration and data hubs on local markets for ERP/accounting system integration, that helps SMEs to realize benefits of digitalization, while realizing significant gains for the bank.

Why should you as a bank launch invoice related services for your SME clients with Charlie-India?

- You can leverage on regulatory obligations such as instant payments and PSD2 and turn these into innovation opportunities to launch invoice related services.

- You can keep the payment transactions at the bank: Invoice is a request-to-pay, you can generate payment transfer instructions right from the invoice. If you have invoice data no other payment provider takes the payment transaction away. You as a bank will keep your own brand and primary customer contact and full margin on the payment transaction, which makes up a significant part of all banking revenues.

- By having access to data invoice assets new revenue streams unfold: you can provide additional financing, connect digital invoicing with factoring and supply chain financing solutions.

- Charlie-India Invoice HUB as a product minimizes required IT and human resources from the bank’s side; we have an online prototyping tool for POC projects.

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