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Maybank Group is the leading financial services provider in Malaysia catering to the needs of consumers, investors, entrepreneurs, non-profit organisations and corporations. The Group, which has expanded internationally, has the largest network among Malaysian banks of over 2,400 branches and offices in 20 countries, employing over 44,000 Maybankers and serving over 22 million customers. It is the only regional bank with a presence in all 10 ASEAN countries (as of November 2016). By strengthening our core business and franchise, we gain competitive advantage by achieving synergies across our diverse group. Domestically we aim to achieve leadership across key and profitable segments. Internationally we capture value from new investments and continue to pursue organic expansion by delivering innovation and superior customer value. We are a top recruiter of talent and view our leadership pool and talent pipeline as key to realising our aspirations. We constantly seek to enhance performance management and achieve cost optimisation by focusing on effective IT operations and enhancing employee productivity.
Amran Hassan
Amran Hassan Maybank
Head, Corporate Development & Innovation
Suhail Suresh
Suhail Suresh Maybank
Group CTO
Kalyani Balakrishnan Nair
Kalyani Balakrishnan Nair Maybank
EVP, Head of Virtual Banking & Payments
David Schick
David Schick Maybank
EVP, Group Strategy and Transformation, Office of the PCEO