What we offer

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Tailor made briefings & learning programs

  • Talent management: Reskill/upskill people, develop new competencies
  • Discover competitive and innovative solutions from around the globe
  • Develop a leadership and corporate culture specifically for your institution
  • Create high-performing, low-stress teams and effective coaching styles for management teams
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Advisory services

  • Envision the future together with our pool of global experts
  • Formulate strategic reviews to help your business grow
  • Support in creating the solutions needed to upskill your employees
  • Inspiration and best practices in retail financial services
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In-house conferences

  • Creating conferences full of inspiration tailored to your unique challenges
  • Breakout sessions for parallel discussions and workshops
  • Have the conference on your premises
  • Build the content, themes, speakers, and format with our team – according to your needs
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Masterclasses & Essentials

  • Exclusive programs on key industry topics
  • Knowledge and best practices from the most successful financial institutions
  • Exchange in real-time with live programs & collaborative online learning sessions
  • Learn and share knowledge with financial institutions from around the world
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Executive programs

  • Designed to help re-invent financial services & guide you through any challenge
  • Delivered by elite experts, industry professionals, coaches, and mentors
  • An atmosphere of trust, collective knowledge sharing, and cross-industry insights
  • Develop yourself to foster better business and leadership capabilities 
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Learning expeditions

  • Group of (up to) 20 participants from your institution
  • Visiting a destination and/or institutions of your choice 
  • Senior executives meet for high-level discussion and debate 
  • Drawing on the hosting institution’s resources, explore cutting-edge tech and the latest trends in the industry

Our expertise

AI to improve customer engagement

Coaching & Mentoring

Customer experience

Design thinking bootcamp

Defining the branch of the future

Experiential innovation and relationship-centric business design

Leadership development

Employee reskilling & upskilling

Strategy & transformation management

Creating high-performance low stress teams

The future of insurance

New ecosystems & open banking

Digital sales


Fintech cooperation

Risk management

SME banking



And much more

EBA Experts

Knowledgeable & Inspirational

Our experts are leading international individuals with backgrounds in financial services and learning institutions. For years, they have occupied top managerial positions where they led their institutions during successful business transformations. Now, they are sharing their knowledge, experience, and best practices to support others - individuals, teams & institutions on their path to success. 

Masterclasses and Essentials

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The Efma International Essentials Courses & Masterclasses are designed for individuals who want to progress their careers and succeed at the highest levels of their organization.


We have selected topics that are at the heart of business transformation and our goal is to increase your expertise in these areas to give you an edge. Due to our unique neutrality, we are able to freely select the best-in-class experts from around the world to ensure you learn from the most experienced leaders.


The Efma International Essentials Courses & Masterclasses will provide you with :

  • An exclusive program on the key topics from with the industry
  • Learning directly from selected international leader experts from financial and learning institutions
  • Live programs, collaborative online learning sessions mean the chance to exchange in real-time and engage in Q&A
  • The opportunity to learn and share knowledge between financial institutions from around the world
  • Knowledge and best practices from the most successful financial institutions and experts
  • Practical solutions ready to be implemented in everyday business
  • An international Efma certificate to be added to your CV and digital profiles
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What people say about the initiative

"It was a very great experience to organize our “InnovationDay19” event in collaboration with Efma. Efma helped us to tailor this event by facilitating on-site professional speakers and bankers who have the same positioning in other regional markets. In the end, we had a rich session thanks to Efma's involvement with much positive feedback from the audience."

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"We asked Efma to help us understand the value proposition of other banks in the SME field. The result was a perfectly organized trip that enabled us to learn first-hand about our topics of interest. The trip was very insightful and we thank the Efma team for that."

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"Very engaging and well-organized despite the virtual setting. I learned a lot too with participants from various countries."

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"I had the pleasure to take an Efma International Masterclass. The content of the training was really interesting and it was an opportunity to meet people from different horizons, to develop skills and to have some tools for the day-to-day challenges. The exchanges between the group and the trainer were really rich and we enjoyed these sessions."

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"It has been a very good learning experience for me. Fifteen hours of Masterclass training made me aware of the areas to focus on, provided the tools and simple solutions to work on, and even improved my performance already in several aspects related to my job! The expert has done a perfect job. The program was well thought out and systematic, but also customized to work on the skills that we needed to improve upon the most."

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