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Efma, a not-for-profit association formed in 1971 by bankers and insurers, specialises in retail financial marketing and distribution. Today, more than 3,300 brands in 130 countries are Efma members including over 80% of Europe's largest retail financial institutions.

The membership fees are paid annually.

Institutions joining during the year pay a proportional fee according to the period remaining in the year.

The minimum membership period is two full calendar years.

Subsidiaries and affiliates of an institution joining Efma are also considered to be members of the association.

There are three levels of membership fees in accordance with the size of the institution, and a fourth level reserved for associations and professional groups. For the first 3 levels, the criterion used to distinguish between membership fees is the widely accepted ranking of “The Banker” magazine, reflecting the consolidated activities of financial institutions.


Top 50 - International institutions € 38,625
51st to 300th rank - Institutions operating essentially in their domestic market
- International insurance companies
€ 25,750
Below the 300th rank - Local or mutual insurance companies
- Specialised financial institutions
€ 12,875
Other members

- Central banks
- Associations
- Professional groups

€ 6,435



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Becoming member of Efma gives you access to a vast network of more than 3,300 financial services institutions, from around the world.

You also gain access to a wide range of services including: industry-leading research, innovations & other in-depth case studies, as well as exclusive and inspiring meetings and events, just to name a few.

Check out the brand new Efma Banking Review and Insurance Review for some good insights and a summary of Efma’s initiatives throughout the year!

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