As the COVID-19 continues to spread all around the world, our thoughts go out to all the professionals in our family-like community in financial services; we hope that you and your loved ones are well and will stay that way.

Rest assured, we will continue supporting you, creating value and providing a virtual place where you can exchange with colleagues from other institutions. We are asking you now to support your community by sharing your experience with your peers from around the world, on the measures you have taken to safeguard your employees, customers and business.


As digital becomes essential for success we created this feature to answer the need of peer connection. Now, all FS members can reach out directly to the community

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Insights and Content

To keep you up to date on the COVID-19 situation in financial services globally, Efma will prepare, during the following period, a series of targeted content


Join our new COVID-19 Forum to exchange and collaborate with peers, find rapid solutions and get answers and recommendations from our Senior Advisors


Take advantage of the community intelligence to find predictive scenarios, get clear recommendations and discover new technology opportunities


Get involved in our new online councils facilitating the urgent discussions on specific topics of interest in the context of the new COVID-19 crisis – exceptionally opened to all FS institutions worldwide