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Payments Innovation

From Monday 22 to Tuesday 23 September 2014
Language : English
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Payments Innovation at the Efma Payments Week

Anticipating innovation in the payments ecosystem

Retail Payments Week recognises the fact that payments is the next major battleground between banks and innovators who are trying to disrupt the market. This battle also brings potential threats and partnership opportunities to retailers, merchants, telcos and technology providers. Our event will help to prepare all of these professionals for the dynamic changes that could take place in the months and years ahead. Many alternative payment platforms concentrate on specialist areas, such as cross-border payments. All players have one thing in common: the need to offer more effective and more efficient services to customers… and to join the debate through collective thinking and networking.

155 days
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5 conferences in one week event!

The Retail Payments Week is an umbrella for five dedicated conferences, each focusing on a specific area of the payments value chain, thus providing comprehensive and targeted content and enabling delegates to customise their visit.

Future of Cash
from 22 September at noon till 23 September

Payments Innovation
at the same time, from 22 September at noon till 23 September

Payments Strategy
during a full day on 24 September 2014

Payments Issuing
from 25 till 26 September at noon

Merchant Acquiring
at the same time, from 25 till 26 September at noon