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Payments Innovation

From Monday 22 to Tuesday 23 September 2014
Language : English

Payments Innovation at the Efma Payments Week

Staying ahead of the competition

With a wide range of new payments innovations entering the market - many from new players from outside of the retail financial services landscape - banks need to up their game in order to stay one step ahead.

The Payments Innovation conference will address the key challenges banks face in doing this, highlight the current most innovative banks in the payments sphere and carve out strategies for a successful future.

Key questions
What are the most successful payments innovations at the moment? Mobile solutions, contactless payments and virtual currencies are already achieving significant uptake. How are these innovations poised for growth?

What makes an effective innovation process? What are the biggest challenges banks face when innovating? How do the leading banks innovate effectively? What are the key steps involved in taking a new innovation to market quickly and efficiently?

What payments innovations will take centre stage in the coming years? How will payment innovations evolve? What do banks need to do to stay one step ahead in the future?

5 conferences in one week event!

The Retail Payments Week is an umbrella for five dedicated conferences, each focusing on a specific area of the payments value chain, thus providing comprehensive and targeted content and enabling delegates to customise their visit.

Future of Cash
from 22 September at noon till 23 September

Payments Innovation
at the same time, from 22 September at noon till 23 September

Payments Strategy
during a full day on 24 September 2014

Payments Issuing
from 25 till 26 September at noon

Merchant Acquiring
at the same time, from 25 till 26 September at noon